Feeling overwhelmed, unhappy or stuck? You can feel better again

Matt Fox Counsellor and Ecotherapist Brighton

There comes a time when saying you’re ok no longer works. The more you do, the worse it can feel. You want to find a way out of this place, whether it’s the stress, anxiety, depression, anger, grief, relationship struggles, coping with a difficult parent or something else painful in your life. You’re just not sure how to do it by yourself.
I know that life can feel really difficult sometimes. I want to help you get through whatever’s troubling you, so you can feel happier, more connection, more peace. My name’s Matt. I’m a professional counsellor offering counselling in Brighton and Hove and I’m here to help you feel better. Please don’t struggle alone any longer. Get the help you need and deserve:

Email, Call or Text 07443 640556 now to book an appointment for counselling in Brighton.

Feeling better starts here

There are many things which bring people to counselling and therapy. Each person’s story is unique.

Sometimes things happen in your life which are just too hard to work out by yourself, too painful or which simply can’t be shared with anyone you’re close to. Sometimes you can find yourself stuck in a repeating pattern, with experiences from the past still affecting you. I know it takes courage to do something about it.

I believe each person has a right to feel joy, connectedness and hope in their life.

I’m a male counsellor based at the Wilbury Clinic in Hove. I offer counselling in Brighton & Hove for anxiety and stress, depression, anger, relationships and loss. Also support people struggling with difficult parents or lack of direction. I can give you a space that will be non-judgmental and confidential to help you to explore all your thoughts, feelings and experiences. With my help you can make sense of what’s happening and find a way through.

Make an appointment for counselling in Brighton and Hove by calling or texting now on 07443 640556 to get the help you need.

What I can help with

I can help you through many areas of difficulty though many people come to see me for psychotherapy and counselling in Brighton because they are struggling with their relationship, experiencing anxiety, depression or anger. I also work extensively with people who struggle with a difficult parent or who have difficulty in shaking off the effects of how they were parented.

This list of counselling services in Brighton isn’t exhaustive so please get in touch if you’d like to discuss whether what you’re dealing with is something I can help with.

fertility and conception
identity issues
physical health
personal growth

life direction
being a carer
career and vocation

Don’t carry on struggling alone. Email, call or text me on 07443 640556 now to make an appointment for counselling in Brighton.

Or check out the Here to help section of my website for more information on some of the most common issues people come with for counselling in Brighton or to see how psychotherapy and counselling can help make a difference to how you feel.
You can also find plenty of articles on practical things you can do for yourself on my Lifelines blog or Sign up for practical tips and advice and get my free eBook: Your Wellbeing in Nature Ecotherapy handbook with top ways to manage anxiety, stress, depression and anger.

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