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Want to find out more about yourself through your writing?

Writing for self-discovery and wellbeing is a wonderful tool to learn more about yourself through the process of writing.

Whether it’s journalling, free-writing, poetry, thematic writing or any other type of writing, you can get deep insights into your inner world by connecting pen to paper.

I offer 6 week courses to explore your writing as a tool to get to know yourself better.

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The focus is on both how writing can help you learn more about yourself and how you can connect more deeply with nature as a stimulus for that insight.

What previous participants have said

“Matt’s facilitation style was great – from this everything grew”
“I loved the exercises in the garden”
“Very gently and professionally led”
“I liked everything about the workshop”
“Perfect. Very stimulating and therapeutic”
“I liked the non-confrontational, free approach”


What does the course cover?

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The 6 week Writing for Self-Discovery course brings together writing for self-discovery, mindfulness and connecting with nature as powerful tools for creating insight into your inner world.

The emphasis is on your personal experience, not about what you produce (though that might be a lovely outcome too.)

We will use some fun and accessible exercises to help you find your own voice and insights. We’ll spend time outdoors, connecting with the landscape and plants and time reflecting and writing.

We will share ideas with an emphasis on feeling safe. All sharing will be at your own discretion. The group will be small, confidential and supportive.

What is writing for wellbeing and self discovery?

Writing is a wonderful and powerful tool for wellbeing.

Getting words on a page can help you get in contact with feelings and experiences which it can be difficult to vocalise or discuss with anyone else.

The privacy of the page can feel a safe haven to explore what’s deepest and most precious in you. There is joy and creativity in the mystery of writing that can lead you to places you might not ever explore otherwise.

Research also shows that regular writing can be a powerful tool to help with your mental health and wellbeing.

Writing and storytelling can be particularly helpful for working through:
bereavement and loss

as well as many other feelings that come up in the course of life.

Is this type of writing for you?

The focus in writing for wellbeing is the process of writing, not the creation of a work of art. You don’t need to be ‘a writer’ or to ever have written before. Just an openness and curiosity to see what comes. While there are some overlaps with creative writing workshops, what you choose to share with others is for you to decide. The sharing can be a powerful part of the process but it’s entirely your choice.

How do I get involved?

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