How your body responds to anxiety

By August 5, 2014anxiety, counselling, stress
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Following up on my recent post on 5 ways to manage anxiety, I’ve been reading this recent article in the Huffington Post about the impact of anxiety and also enjoying this infographic on anxiety.

There’s some good observations in there. I like the research that telling someone who is having an anxiety attack to calm down is likely to have the opposite effect. Being able to soothe oneself in the middle of a panic or anxiety attack is really hard. But while a call to think yourself out of anxiety may not be possible, mindful breathing, being in your body experience of anxiety can be an effective way of calming yourself when in the throws of anxiety and reducing how anxious you feel.

I’m interested in the impact of anxiety on the body and how it can respond in different ways. For some, it’s a paling of the skin, for others a flushing or sweat. For others it goes straight to the head as a headache and tight jaw or it can go to the gut and the stomach. Or it’s a tension that sits in the muscles, which become tight and stiff as if the body is bracing itself for a physical blow as well as an emotional one.

Living with anxiety can be physically and emotionally exhausting, so it’s good to find ways to manage it in whatever form works for you. Compassion to self, gentleness are likely to help.

So what’s your view? Do the Huff Post insights resonate with you and your experience of anxiety? If you want to talk more and feel counselling would help, do get in touch.

By Matt Fox Counselling in Totnes, Paignton and Newton Abbott

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