How can you trust your intuition better?

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Have you had moments in your life when something became abundantly clear? Or that you had a deep sense of knowing something was right? That deep sense was more than a feeling, more than a thought process. In some way it was an experience of feeling whole, completely attuned with what was right.

These moments are perhaps rare in our life. In Psychosynthesis, we talk of them as contact with the (Higher) Self, the part of us that is innately wise, loving to ourselves and that knows what is needed at this time in our lives.

Being in contact with our Self isn’t the same as surrendering to a higher power, a God outside of ourselves. It’s connecting with what is innate in us. For some people this experience is what we call immanent – it comes from and is experienced within our selves; for others it is transcendent; it seems to stretch beyond who we are into a different plane.

It’s hard to find words for what is a deep and moving experience, but what I like about this concept is that it encourages us to develop a compassionate trust that if we are able to listen to our deepest voices and truths, what needs to be in our lives, will be.

Although it may not feel that way at the time, particularly when we are in our places of deepest pain, crisis or failure in our life, there is a pull in us to make contact with that Self wisdom; a calling from within that something needs to be healed. That’s why often pain, crisis and failure are turning points, when we allow ourselves to be completely in the experience and not to push it away. What is trying to emerge from this event in our lives? What change is needed? What voice do we need to pay heed to?

You may or may not connect with the concept of Self as such but have a think about those turning point times in your life. How did you know what was the right thing to do?

If you want to explore more about yourself or are at a turning point, please do get in touch.

By Matt Fox Counselling in Totnes, Paignton and Newton Abbott

Photo by Izu Navi licensed under Creative Commons

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