‘I need help with my relationship’

Broken heart

Do you feel like your relationship is going around in circles? Or do you find yourself struggling to find a relationship or stay in one?

At the heart of most people’s experience is the desire to be with someone else.

When you feel you can’t find anyone or your relationship goes off the rails, it can feel like your world is ending.

Perhaps you’re at a loss as to why you can’t meet anyone.

Or if you’re in a relationship breakdown, you might be feeling very stuck. Maybe you’re not sure if it’s you or the other person in  your life that’s at the heart of the relationship problems. Or perhaps your mind is made up but you don’t how to talk about it.

I work extensively with people looking to make sense of their relationships or who are in search of one. I’m passionate about seeing people develop healthy, sustainable and satisfying relationships with their loved ones.

I offer a supportive space where you can say all that needs to be said about your hopes, your fears and struggles and what you want from your relationships.

I offer relationship counselling in Totnes, Paignton and Torquay to:

  • help you get  perspective on what’s going on for you as part of a couple, in yourself or in your family
  • help you understand the part you are playing in your relationship dynamics so you can move through a difficult relationship situation
  • get an understanding of what you really want and need from your relationships and take the steps you need to make them more healthy and satisfying.

Relationship counselling can be very helpful if you are single, or experiencing family difficulties. It doesn’t have to be about being in a romantic or sexual relationship.

(Please note I don’t work with couples.)

No more toughing it out alone. No more pretending that everything’s alright. With my support, you can find the courage to face whatever’s troubling you in your relationship.

Whether you’re in Totnes or Torquay or Paignton, get in touch today… I’m on your side.

Call or text 07443 640556 now or email to book an appointment for relationship counselling in Totnes, Paignton and Torquay.