Counselling for adult children of a narcissistic parent, controlling or emotionally neglectful parent

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How do you know if you have suffered parental narcissistic abuse?

Maybe some of these statements resonate with you:

I never feel good enough

I’m my own harshest critic

I’m only valued for what I accomplish or how I look

I’m often second guessing myself and find it hard to trust my own feelings and decisions

I feel like an impostor, never quite good enough or fitting in

I often feel anxious and sometimes depressed or low in energy

I have a tendency to people please or seek perfection in what I do

I tend to fall for the ‘wrong’ sort of person

I don’t really know who I am, I spend so much time making sure I’m ok for others

I sometimes find it hard to take care of myself and put others first

I don’t always know how I’m feeling or feel confused about my feelings

I often have this feeling of being in the wrong, even when I know I’m not

I’m not very in touch with my body and how it feels

I numb out of emotionally tense situations

If you answered yes to three or more of these statements, it quite possible that you experienced some difficulties in your childhood including trauma. However loving your parents  or caregivers may have seemed or however much you feel you love them, something was probably amiss. You may well have experienced parental narcissistic abuse.

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Put an end to feeling empty inside

I specialise in working with people just like you, who may have experienced Childhood Emotional Neglect (a term coined by Dr Jonice Webb in her book Running on Empty) or had parent with narcissistic tendencies or a very controlling parent, either of which can lead to parental narcissistic abuse.

The good news is that it’s all fixable. I’ve helped many people over the years come to terms with their childhoods and step back into their self confidence, self-belief and energy for life.

Rediscover your inner peace

Finding ways to connect with who you really are, without the masks of pleasing others or perfection can be liberating and exciting. Learning appropriate and kind ways to say no and ‘me first’ even if that feels a step to far at the beginning, is really possible. You can find inner peace again.

When we start to identify some of the traits of narcissistic, emotionally neglectful or controlling parenting, it is like a massive weight lifts off your shoulders. What never made sense, starts to become clear.

Find the self-confident and authentic you

That’s the beginning of the work. What follows is often painful, full of rage, sadness and despair. But along that road, time and time again, I see people emerge into a new version of themselves, letting go of who they thought they needed to be to get a parent’s approval to start to become more of who they really are.

If you’re struggling with your mother or father, had enough of feeling not good enough or always taking the blame unless you follow their way, why not get in touch? I can help you come to terms with your life experiences and find new ways of operating, on your terms.

I offer appointments face to face and online.

Is it time to reclaim your self-belief? If so, get in touch to make a first appointment by texting or calling on 07443 640556