‘I need help with a difficult parent’

Narcissistic mother relationship counselling Totnes, Paignton and Newton Abbott


Counselling for adult children of narcissistic parents

It’s the feeling of never being good enough, being played off against others, or having to conform to one or other parent’s view of the world to feel accepted.

You may have to deal with constant criticism if you follow your own path, or not ever really being heard or seen for who you are. You may suffer from anxiety and depression, not seeing the world as a safe accepting place.

That feeling of ‘it’s me, not them’ is often the consequence of having a parent with narcissistic personality. You can spend your life second guessing other’s responses, feeling ill equipped for social situations, hypersensitive to others’ perceptions of you. With it often comes a tendency to people please or towards perfectionism and needing to feel in control all the time.

It is possible for you to feel better

I work extensively with people who have suffered lifelong challenges with their parents. Often they’ll come in confused and unsure about why life is so challenging. There may be a lot of self blame or assumptions that they are in the wrong.

When we start to identify some of the traits of one of your parents as being narcissistic, it is like a massive weight lifts off your shoulders. What never made sense, starts to become clear.

Find your way to the real you

That’s the beginning of the work. What follows is often painful, full of rage, sadness and despair. But along that road, time and time again, I see people emerge into a new version of themselves, letting go of who they thought they needed to be to get a parent’s approval to start to become more of who they really are.

If you’re struggling with your mother or father, had enough of feeling not good enough or always taking the blame unless you follow their way, why not get in touch? I can help you come to terms with your life experiences and find new ways of operating, on your terms.

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