‘I’m struggling and need help’

here to help - counselling totnes, paignton and newton abbot

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed or stuck in your life right now, it’s normal to feel like you want to get out of the situation as quickly as you can.

We all need someone to talk to sometimes, someone who can listen to you without judgment and accept you for who you are, whatever is going on for you. Someone who can help you get perspective on what’s happening so you can move forwards. That’s when counselling and psychotherapy can help.

I believe in everyone’s right to feel more joy, peace and connectedness in their life. I want to help you through whatever is causing you pain or difficulty with supportive, compassionate counselling. I won’t find what you bring to counselling silly, or ridiculous. But I also know it’s scary reaching out for help. You may have all sorts of feelings about counselling including, that you don’t really need it, others are worse off than you, that opening up to a stranger isn’t your thing. I want to reassure you that all those are normal feelings about counselling.

As a professional counsellor in Totnes, Paignton, Torquay and Newton Abbot, I’m here to help you through whatever is happening in your life that’s difficult, warmly, without judgment and completely confidentially.

Don’t struggle alone any longer. You deserve to feel better.

Call now, text on 07443 640556 or email to make an appointment for counselling in Totnes, Paignton, Torquay and Newton Abbot and the surrounding areas.

And if I’m not the right counsellor for you, I want you to know that I’ll try to connect you with someone who is.

You can find out more about my training, qualifications and background here and about Psychosynthesis, my counselling approach, here.

If you’re not sure if counselling’s for you,  here’s an article on how it’s normal to have doubts about counselling and psychotherapy.

Help for specific issues

Find out more about how I can help you with some specific areas and approaches: