‘I need help with depression’loneliness depression counselling totnes, paignton and newton abbot

‘How do I know if I’m depressed?’

Does life feel heavy? Do you lack energy or get up and go? Is sleeping difficult? Is your appetite going?

These can all be symptoms of depression.

It can be difficult for others in your life to really understand how being depressed feels to be you. They might be worried for you or expecting you to cheer up and feel better. That can add to your feelings of hopelessness and despair.

The good news is that while depression is difficult to live with, you can feel better with the right support and help.

I often work with people experiencing depression and am passionate about supporting them through their experience to help them feel better.

I offer depression counselling in Totnes, Paignton and Newton Abbot which will help you:

  • get to the heart of why you feel depressed and to make sense of your feelings
  • manage your low mood better
  • understand better what your depression is telling you and find a way through it
  • and over time, to come out of your depression altogether

You can feel so alone and isolated when depressed. Let’s work through this together.

Call or text 07443 640556  or email to make an appointment for depression counselling in Totnes, Paignton and Torquay.