”Because men need help too….’The biggest myth about change Counselling Totnes, Paignton and Newton Abbott

Men don’t like to talk about what’s tough, right?

But sometimes it can all get too much. Admitting to yourself that you’re finding life difficult is a big step. As is doing something about it.

How can counselling help?

Counselling for men can help you in all sorts of ways:

  • Having a confidential and safe place where you can just get stuff off your chest, can really make a difference.
  • You can feel lighter, clearer, better about the stuff you never really talk about. That’s especially true if you know you won’t be judged for what you say.
  • You can explore options safely without being laughed at or thought silly for whatever it is you may be thinking or feeling.

Ready to take the first step? I’m here to help

If the time has come to get help, why not call or text me on 07443 640556 or email me to book an appointment?

Still unsure? Read on

You probably have questions. Does counselling work? Do you have to open up and talk? You’re worried you wouldn’t know what to say in a counselling session.

Well, there are lots of ways counselling can be helpful, and while talking about your problems is a big part of it, there’s lots of ways to help you open up and talk in your own time and own way. No pressure.

Many men find the first few sessions unfamiliar territory, but once they’re over that, it’s amazing how having a safe private space to share what’s on your mind can be liberating. Often, you can expect things to feel different quite quickly.

Men have the right and the need to get support for difficult times in their lives too.

If you’re down, lonely, feeling bad about work stress, parenting, friendships, relationships, or even the state of the world and you want to talk, I’m here to help.

It’s not easy… but it’s a good thing to reach out. Let’s work through this together. Call me or text me on 07443 640556 or email me to make an appointment for counselling in Totnes, Paignton and Torquay.