Anxiety in mind: co-existing with your angst

dealing with anxiety counselling totnes, paignton and newton abbot
 Photo copyright Porsche Brosseau licensed under creative commons.
Today I’ve been tweeting about anxiety. It’s partly been because of an article I’ve written about how being in nature and green spaces has been proven to decrease stress. And partly because I’ve been thinking about my own anxiety and how it has impacted my life over the years, in different ways.

I suppose one of the changes I’ve noticed in myself is how my relationship to anxiety has changed. There was a time, when wracked with anxiety, I became the anxiety. I can only describe it that way. My body, my mind, my feelings were flooded with the anxiety to the point where nothing else mattered.

With time, the help of counselling, and the development of my own awareness, I feel more able to notice my anxiety without becoming it, to tolerate it. To say I have befriended it would be an overstatement but we co-exist now. I can acknowledge the part anxiety plays in my life. And I now realise that when it comes to call, the anxiety is letting me know something. It’s usually an indicator of other feelings I’m not yet clear about or giving attention to.

Part of the power of counselling is the experience of journeying with someone who can both notice, name and tolerate your anxiety with you while you get used to that experience yourself. It’s a powerful, healing and ultimately liberating process.

If you’d like to get help with your anxiety and to explore how it impacts you and how you can co-exist with it, please get in touch.

By Matt Fox – Totnes, Paignton and Newton Abbott