Anger – when bottling it up doesn’t work

Anger management counselling Totnes, Paignton and Newton Abbott
Image by Thomas Angermann licensed under creative commons
Funny concept that, ‘bottling up’ your anger. But in a way it gives a beautiful sense, to me at least, of containing something under pressure. I picture one of those bottles with the lid help by a metal spring. When you release the cap, a part of me tenses, knowing there is potential for the drink to blow up in my face.

This week I’ve been tweeting about anger and how not only is it a difficult feeling, but it’s also a vital one, which connects us with our life force and energy. When you bottle this feeling up, you no longer really have access to it. It’s as if there was someone whispering something over your shoulder but you just can’t hear it.

In my article on anger, I share some interesting statistics about how prevalent feeling uncontrollably angry is, and also the impact of being on the receiving end of that kind of anger.

It’s a difficult experience and one that can leave you scared, shocked or simply wanting to fight back. If you have difficulty with anger, either becoming overwhelmed by it or not feeling it at all, counselling might be helpful. It gives you, with time and trust, a safe place to experience your anger in a healthy way, not acted out in violent words or act, not leaving you feeling as if your world might cave in, but in touch with a vitally important feeling.

If you’re struggling with anger, or wondering why you maybe don’t get angry when things happen in your life that might normally cause you to feel it, then get in touch for some counselling help in Totnes, Paignton and Newton Abbott.

by Matt Fox – Totnes, Paignton and Newton Abbott